Spanish Media Catalogue

Ref no Location Foreign Title , English Title Publication, year Description Course used in Mediatype
SpAUD0001MLRCContextos: Spanish for CommunicationHarper and Row Publishers, Inc., 1989Recordings of conversations in SpanishAudio Cassette
SpAUD0006MLRCSpanish in the AmericasAudio Cassette
SpCOM0004MLRCTelephone TalkLibra Multimedia, 1997CD-ROM to practice basic conversational languageComputer Software
SpMCD0002MLRCThe Best of World MusicRhino Records, 1993Audio CD
SpMCD0014MLRCOLA Spanish Volume 1Audio CD
SpMCD0017MLRCSongs of the Sephardim "La Rondinella"La Rondinella, 1993Audio CD
SpVHS0010MLRCMosaico Cultural- Images from Spanish-speaking CulturesVideo
SpVHS0013MLRCPolansky Intermediate SpanishVideo
SpVHS0019MLRCSpanish AliveVideo
SpVHS0020MLRCSpanish Culture TodayVideo
SpVHS0021MLRCSpanish From WithinVideo
SpDVD0002MLRCRodrigo D: No FutureCinemateca, 1989DVD
SpLAS0001MLRCAlsino and the CondorAlmi Distribution Corp., 1983Set in Nicaragua - depicts the clash between Central American govts. and Sandinista rebelsLaser Discs
SpMCD0001MLRCAriel RamirezPhilips, 1988Audio CD
SpVHS0001MLRCBaile: El Alfabeto EspanolGessler17 minutes. Pronunciation and vocabulary practice in SpanishVideo
SpDVD0001MLRCBolívar soy yo, Bolivar I amVenevision, 2003DVD
SpMCD0004MLRCCanciones Premiadas De Celio Gonzalez "Exitos"Audio CD
SpMCD0020MLRCCarmen Amaya La Reina Del Embrujo Gitano, Carmen Amaya the Queen of the Gypsy Spell Alma Music, 2003Plus DVD (PAL and NTSC) and booklet a - volume 1 b - volume2 c - DVD d - bookletAudio CD
SpMCD0006MLRCCodex Las HuelgasSony, 1993Audio CD
SpAUD0008MLRCComo agua para chocolateAudio Cassette
SpAUD0002MLRCDestinosMcGraw-Hill, Inc., 1992Self-paced tape series; elementary levelAudio Cassette
SpVHS0004MLRCDestinosThe Annenberg/CPB Collections, 1992A series in soap opera formVideo
SpVHS0005MLRCDiego VelazquezVideo
SpMCD0003MLRCEl Cancionero de la Colombina "Hesperion XX"Auvidis, 1992Audio CD
SpTEX0001MLRCEl Cuento Hispánico: A graded Literary Anthology 7th ed., The Spanish Tale: A graded Literary Anthology 7th ed.Mullen & Garganigo (eds.), 2008Desk Copy82-241Textbook
SpDVD0010MLRCEl Espejo Enterrado: El Precia de la Libertad, The Buried Mirror: The Price of FreedomMicroangelo Educ. Media, 2010Program 4 of 5DVD
SpDVD0007MLRCEl Espejo Enterrado: El Virgen y el Toro, The Buried Mirror: The Virgin and the BullMicroangelo Educ. Media, 2010Program 1 of 5 DVD
SpDVD0008MLRCEl Espejo Enterrado: La Batalla le los Dioses, The Buried Mirror: Batalla of the GodsMicroangelo Educ. Media, 2010Program 2 of 5DVD
SpDVD0009MLRCEl Espejo Enterrado: La Edad de Oro, The Buried Mirror: The Golden ageMicroangelo Educ. Media, 2010Program 3 of 5DVD
SpDVD0011MLRCEl Espejo Enterrado: Las Tres Hispanidades, The Buried Mirror: The Three SpanishnessesMicroangelo Educ. Media, 2010Program 5 of 5DVD
SpVHS0014MLRCEl Precio de la LibertadUse DVD Version of this program SpDVD0010Video
SpVHS0022MLRCEl Tesoro de los InkosVideo
SpMCD0021MLRCEnfoques, ApproachesVista Higher Learning, 2004Note these are MP3 files not an audio CDAudio CD
SpCOM0005MLRCEnfoques, ApproachesVistas Higher Learning, 2004This CD contains interactive software for this text. Macintosh users must run this on a PPC based system Computer Software
SpVHS0030MLRCEnfoques Film Video collection, ApproachesVistas Higher Learning, 2004Film clips for use with this textVideo
SpVHS0029MLRCEnfoques Sitcom Videos, ApproachesVistas Higher Learning, 2004VHS copy of the Sitcom videos for this textVideo
SpVHS0007MLRCEspaña Y Las AmericasJem Communications, Inc., 1988Monthly Spanish Video Magazine, news and documentary reportageVideo
SpVHS0008MLRCEspejo Entrerrando, ElVideo tape series that looks inside the hispanic culture. NOTE we now have DVD version of this series. See SpDVD0007 - SpDVD0011Video
SpMCD0007MLRCFlans "Exitos"MelodyAudio CD
SpVHS0009MLRCFonetica EspanolaVideo
SpMCD0008MLRCGloria Estefan "Mi Tierra"Sony, 1993Audio CD
SpCOM0001MLRCHistoria y Cultura de EspañaOhio State University, 2000Mac OS onlyComputer Software
SpVHS0002MLRCLa Batalla de los DiosesUse DVD version of this program SpDVD0008Video
SpVHS0006MLRCLa Edad de OroUse DVD Version of this program SpDVD0009Video
SpDVD0006MLRCLa Gente De La Universal, The People Of The Universal OnePro Imagnes, 1993This DVD was given to the Department by the Director and permission has been given to make the two copies that are in the collectionDVD
SpDVD0004MLRCLa noche de los lápices, The night of the pencilsCameo Media, 1986DVD
SpMCD0018MLRCLa Vida ese ParéntesisMulata Records, 1998Audio CD
SpVHS0026MLRCLa Virgen el ToroUse DVD version of this program SpDVD0007Video
SpVHS0024MLRCLas Tres HispanidadesUse DVD Version of this program SpDVD0011Video
SpMCD0009MLRCLinda Ronstadt "Mas Canciones"Elektra Entertainment, 1991Audio CD
SpMCD0010MLRCLLibre Vermell de MontserratAudio CD
SpMCD0011MLRCLope De Vega "Intermedios Del Barroco Hispanico"Audio CD
SpMCD0005MLRCLos Clasicos De Cuba 1Audio CD
SpDVD0003MLRCl`auberge espagnole, The Spanish Apartment20th Century Fox, 2003DVD
SpCOM0002MLRCMario Benedetti - El amor, las mujeres y la vidaAlfaguaraSelections from the poetry of author Mario Benedetti and read passionately by the sameComputer Software
SpMCD0012MLRCMecano "12 Grandes Exitos" CBS International, 1989Audio CD
SpMCD0013MLRCMercedes Sosa "30 Antildeos"Polygram Discos, 1993Audio CD
SpVHS0011MLRCMujeres de America Latinafrom 1990 Looks at the latin american culture through the eyes of women.Video
SpAUD0003MLRCMusica Latinoamericana, Latin American MusicAudio Cassette
SpLAS0002MLRCNo RecuerdoLaser Discs
SpAUD0004MLRCPasajesTapes to accompany "Pasajes", intermediate text book seriesAudio Cassette
SpMCD0015MLRCPlacido Domingo "Romanzas de Zarzuelas"EMI, 1992Audio CD
SpMCD0016MLRCSilvio RodriguezSire Records), 1991Audio CD
SpDVD0005MLRCsoldandos de salamina, salamina soldiersLolafilms, 2002REGION 2 PALDVD
SpCOM0003MLRCSombrero de Tres Picos, ElTransparent LanguageText prepared with multiple mark-ups for intensive reading on the computer desktopComputer Software
SpAUD0005MLRCSpanish 82-241Audio Cassette
SpDVD0012MLRCSuite Habana, Suite HavanaSéptimo Arte Distribución, 200482-441 M15DVD
SpVHS0023MLRCTravelturSee what Andrés sees in Traveltur. The viewer , through the eye of the camara, intimately experiences each locale with him.Video
SpVHS0028MLRCTres Sombreros de CopaDionysus' trials and tribulations on his last day as a bachelor take him from a hotel in the city to running off with a circus performer named Paula.Video
SpVHS0025MLRCViaje al EspañoVideo
SpAUD0007MLRCVisión y vozHeinle & Heinle, 1993Audio program to accompany textbook; elementary levelAudio Cassette
SpVHS0027MLRCVision Y VozProvides students with an overview of the spanish speaking world through the native presentations that explore and contrast various hispanic cultures. Elementary level; accompanies text "Vision y voz"Video
SpTCD0001MLRCVoces de españa:, Voices of SpainFrank Smith / Champs-Elysées, 2004The History of Spain in the 20th Century with 3 CDs a - transcripts b- CD1 1900-1936 c- CD2 1936-1975 d- CD3 1975-2000Text with CD
SpMCD0019MLRCWilly Chirino "Oxigeno"Sony, 1991Audio CD