SLA Media Catalogue

Ref no Location Foreign Title , English Title Publication, year Description Course used in Mediatype
SLDVD0001MLRCGiving speech a hand:, Neural Processing of Co-soeech GestureMLRC, 2010SLA Seminar Series talk by Dr. Amy Hubbard on October 5th, 2010DVD
SLDVD0002MLRCReimagining Bilingualism in EducationMLRC, 2010SLA Seminar Series talk by Dr. Ofelia Garcia on October 21st, 2010DVD
SLDVD0003MLRCCultural Content from Canada and Québec: What’s Taught and Learned in French Classes in the US—and What’s Really Going On up There?MLRC, 2011SLA Seminar talk by Dr. Carol Chapelle November 7, 2011DVD
SLDVD0004MLRCCrosstalk 2CI-CD, 2000DVD
SLDVD0005MLRCMerrill Swain Talk 2/28/2017, Cognative and Affective Enhancement...MLRC, 2017Recording of Merrill Swains talk DVD
SLRBK0001MLRCTESOL Technology StandardsTESOL, 2011TESOL Technology Standards: Description, Implementation, IntegrationReference book
SLRBK0002MLRCDigital LiteraciesPearson, 2013Reference book
SLRBK0003MLRCTeaching Digital LiteraciesTESOL, 2014Reference book
SLRBK0004MLRCTechnology Enhanced Language LearningOxford Unversity Press, 2013Reference book
SLRBK0005MLRCMobile Learning: Languages, Literacies and CulturesPalgrave/Macmillian, 2014Reference book
SLRBK0006MLRCLanguage Learning with Technology: Ideas for Integrating Technology in the ClassroomCambridge University Press, 2013Reference book
SLRBK0007MLRCTechnology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and TeachingJohn Benjamins, 2013Taguchi & SykesReference book
SLRBK0008MLRCTechnology-mediated TBLT Researching Technology and TasksJohn Benjamins, 2014Reference book
SLRBK0009MLRCLanguage at Play: Digital Games in S/FL Teaching and LearningPearson, 2013Reference book
SLRBK0010MLRCThe Routledge Handbook of Language Learning and TechnologyRoutledge, 2016The Routledge Handbook of Language Learning and Technology brings together experts in a number of key areas of development and change, and opens the field of language learning by exploring the pedagogical importance of technological innovation.82-888 SReference book
SLRBK0011MLRCLanguage-Learner Computer InteractionsJohn Benjamins Publishing Co., 2016Language-Learner Computer Interactions: Theory, methodology and CALL applications. Edited by Catherine Caws and Marie-Josée HamelReference book
SLTCD0001MLRCModern Language Aptitude TestSecond Language Testing, Inc, 1999This packet is for use by the Learning about Language Learning Class ONLY. Only the instructor of the class can borrow this material without permission of the MLRC Manager.82-280Text with CD