Russian Media Catalogue

Ref no Location Foreign Title , English Title Publication, year Description Course used in Mediatype
RuMCD0005MLRCSongs & Dances of Death Symphonic Dances Mussorgsky RachmaninovWarner Classics, 2005Audio CD
RuAUD0001MLRCAbout PushkinAudio Cassette
RuAUD0002MLRCAdvanced RussianAudio Cassette
RuAUD0003MLRCBeginning RussianCornell UniversityElementary Russian exercisesAudio Cassette
RuAUD0004MLRCFrom The Notebooks Sergei DoulatovAudio Cassette
RuAUD0005MLRCGolosa: A Basic Course in RussianPrentice-Hall, Inc., 1994Elementary Russian exercisesAudio Cassette
RuAUD0006MLRCHow to Pronounce Russian CorrectlyAudio Cassette
RuAUD0007MLRCIntonation of RussianAudio Cassette
RuAUD0008MLRCRussian Alphabet SongAudio Cassette
RuAUD0009MLRCRussian Faces and VoicesAudio Cassette
RuAUD0010MLRCRussian For EveryoneAudio Cassette
RuAUD0011MLRCRussian Grammar and ContextAudio Cassette
RuAUD0012MLRCRussian IntroductionAudio Cassette
RuAUD0013MLRCRussian Studies SeriesAudio Cassette
RuMCD0001MLRCA Treasury of Russian Gypsy SongsMonitor, 1992Audio CD
RuMCD0002MLRCRussia Cast AdriftPhilips Classics, 1996Audio CD
RuMCD0003MLRCSoviet Army Chorus & BandMonitor, 1992Audio CD
RuVHS0001MLRC38 ParrotsAnimationVideo
RuVHS0002MLRCA Cruel RomanceDir. Ryazanov, based on OstrovskyVideo
RuVHS0003MLRCA War RomanceStarring I. Churikova.Video
RuVHS0004MLRCThe Adventures of Captain VrungelAnimationVideo
RuVHS0007MLRCAlice in Wonderland, Alice in the MirrorAnimationVideo
RuVHS0008MLRCAndrey Rublev- 2 CassettesDir. A. TarkovskyVideo
RuVHS0009MLRCAnna Karenina - 2 CassettesTolstoyVideo
RuVHS0010MLRCAutumn Marathon1979Dir. DanelyVideo
RuVHS0011MLRCBurnt By the SunDir. S. Mikhalkov.Video
RuVHS0012MLRCThe Cherry OrchardCheckovVideo
RuVHS0013MLRCCity ZeroWith English Subtitles.Video
RuVHS0014MLRCComedy Penitentary StyleRussian w/ Engl. subtitles.Video
RuVHS0015MLRCEugene Onegin - OperaBy Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky.Video
RuVHS0016MLRCFatal EggsBulgakovVideo
RuVHS0017MLRCThe IdiotDostoevskyVideo
RuVHS0018MLRCThe Inspector GeneralGogo1.Video
RuVHS0019MLRCIntergirl1989Dir. V. TodorovskyVideo
RuVHS0020MLRCThe Irony of Fate - 2 CassettesDir. E. Ryazanov.Video
RuVHS0022MLRCThe Little Tragedies - 2 CassettesStarring Yurski,Vysotsky, and Kuravlev.Video
RuVHS0023MLRCLetters Not About LoveHuman Arts Association Film, 1998At the behest of filmmaker Jacki Ochs, prominent poets Lyn Hejinian and Arkadii Dragomoshchenko exchange extraordianry letters based on a list of ordinary words, (58 min.)Video
RuVHS0024MLRCThe Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed - 3 Cassettes1979Dir. S. GovorukhinVideo
RuVHS0025MLRCMy Favorite ClownDir. N. Mikhalkov.Video
RuVHS0026MLRCThe PossessedDostoevskyVideo
RuVHS0028MLRCPrisoner of the Mountains1996Dir. S. BodrovVideo
RuVHS0029MLRCQueen of Spades "Pique Dame" - OperaBy Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky Plus Intro. to Marinsky Theatre.Video
RuVHS0030MLRCRussian Cartoon - Dr. AibolitVideo
RuVHS0031MLRCSadko - Bolshoi OperaRimsky - Korsakov.Video
RuVHS0033MLRCSeveral Days in the Life of I. I. Oblomov1979Dir. N. MikhalkovVideo
RuVHS0034MLRCSideburns1990Russian with English subtitles, featuring Yuri MaminVideo
RuVHS0035MLRCSt. Sergius - Trinity MonasteryDocumentaryVideo
RuVHS0036MLRCStrolls Through VeniceJoseph Brodsky.Video
RuVHS0037MLRCThe ThiefVideo
RuVHS0038MLRCTreasure IslandAnimationVideo
RuVHS0039MLRCWar and PeaceTolstoyVideo
RuVHS0040MLRCThe WeddingA. Chekhov - Russian with English subtitles.Video
RuVHS0041MLRCWhat do you think about that?Video
RuVHS0042MLRCThe White Sun of the Desert1969Dr. V. MotylVideo
RuVHS0043MLRCWindow on ParisDir. Iu. Mamin.Video
RuVHS0044MLRCWinter EveningDir. E. Evsigneev.Video
RuMCD0004MLRCRussian Folk Songs - dmitri hvorostovsky KalinkaPhilips Classics, 1998Audio CD
RuVHS0045MLRCRussian Stage One: Live From MoscowKendall/Hunt Publishing, 1996Volume IVideo
RuDVD0004MLRCMoscow does not believe in tearsMosfilm studios, 1981From 2013 film festivalDVD
RuDVD0001MLRCАнна. От 6 До 18, Anna: from six till eighteenRussian Cinema Council, 2005PAL All Region DVD
RuTCD0002MLRCКонек-горбунок., The Humpbacked HorseСвятигор, 2008# 9 of РУССКОЕ СЛОВО Yellow cover with Red banners. Text with CD. Author - P.P. Yershov Picture is of man with glasses.82-294 F15Text with CD
RuTCD0001MLRCПушкин. Сказки., Pushkin. Fairy tales.Святигор, 2008# 7 of РУССКОЕ СЛОВО Yellow cover with Red banners. Text with CD. Picture is of man with sideburns.82-294 F15Text with CD
RuVHS0005MLRCAibolit-661966Dr. R. BykovVideo
RuVHS0006MLRCAlexander SolizhenitsynDocumentary, Dr. S. GovorukhinVideo
RuTEX0001MLRCRussian Stage One, Live from Russia! Volume 1 TextbookKendall Hunt Publising, 2008Supplementary text for Russian Language. Comes with DVD. Original DVD not available for use. Copy made to accompany textbookTextbook
RuDVD0002MLRCRussian Stage One, Live from Russia! Volume 1 Textbook DVDKendall Hunt Publising, 2008DVD to accompany Russian State One Supplementary textbook. Note copy of this DVD is included with the book. Original DVD not to be loanedDVD
RuWRK0001MLRCRussian Stage One, Live from Russia! Volume 1 workbookKendall Hunt Publising, 2008Workbook to accompany Live from Russia! Volume 1 text. Workbook comes with CD. Copy of CD available with book. Workbook
RuMCD0006MLRCRussian Stage One, Live from Russia! Volume 1 workbook CDKendall Hunt Publising, 2008Audio CD to accompany Live from Russia! V 1 Workbook. Note copy of the CD is available with the textbook.Audio CD
RuMCD0008MLRCRussian Stage One, Welcome BACK! Workbook Volume 2 CDKendall Hunt Publising, 2010Audio CD
RuTEX0002MLRCRussian Stage Two, Welcome BACK! TextbookKendall Hunt Publising, 2010Textbook
RuDVD0003MLRCRussian Stage Two, Welcome BACK! Textbook DVDKendall Hunt Publising, 2010DVD
RuWRK0002MLRCRussian Stage Two, Welcome BACK! Workbook Volume 1Kendall Hunt Publising, 2010Workbook
RuMCD0007MLRCRussian Stage Two, Welcome BACK! Workbook Volume 1 CDKendall Hunt Publising, 2010Audio CD
RuWRK0003MLRCRussian Stage Two, Welcome BACK! Workbook Volume 2Kendall Hunt Publising, 2010Workbook