French Media Catalogue

Ref no Location Foreign Title , English Title Publication, year Description Course used in Mediatype
FrVHS0014MLRCAllons-Y!Third edition, Heinle and HeinleVideo "Viens voir" to accompany textbook "Allons-y". Contains pedagogical shorts of typical first year themes.Video
FrVHS0015MLRCAllons-Y!Fourth edition, Heinle and HeinleVideo "Viens voir" to accompany textbook "Allons-y". Contains pedagogical shorts of typical first year themes.Video
FrVHS0025MLRCLes AntillaisVideo
FrVHS0032MLRCVidéo VéritéPICS, 1994Video to accompany textbook of same name; could be used for short sequences/interviews as well as longer sequences of monologues. Topics are: "Les nouveaux enfants (divorce)", "La Chaîne des souvenirs" (war memories), "Cadeau de famille", "La valse des cadeaux", "Le cadeau des ados", "La promenade du souvenir", "Radio-Beur", "Cadeaux de coeur", "Souvenirs perdus". In French, color, 60 minutes total.Video
FrVHS0034MLRCCausons!Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1993Video
FrVHS0039MLRCLa Double InconstancePart 1 of 2Video
FrVHS0040MLRCLa Double InconstancePart 2 of 2Video
FrVHS0042MLRCAu Cœur du PacifiqueFR-21Video
FrVHS0043MLRCLes Nouveaux RomandsEF-27Video
FrVHS0044MLRCDakar, cent ansEF-30Video
FrVHS0046MLRCDriss Chraïbi au MarocEF-37Video
FrVHS0047MLRCCinéma belge francophoneEF-41Video
FrVHS0049MLRCAfrique dominée, Afrique libéréeMF-1Video
FrVHS0053MLRCVidéo Vérité82-289 F99 FrenchVideo
FrVHS0012MLRCPortes ouvertesHolt, Rinehart, 1998Video 4 - Series of communicative video sketches to accompany the textbook Portes ouvertes.Video
FrVHS0011MLRCPortes ouvertesHolt, Rinehart, 1998Video 3 - Series of communicative video sketches to accompany the textbook Portes ouvertes.Video
FrVHS0010MLRCPortes ouvertesHolt Rinehart, 1998Video 2 - Series of communicative video sketches to accompany the textbook Portes ouvertes.Video
FrVHS0009MLRCPortes ouvertesHolt Rinehart, 1998Video 1 - Series of communicative video sketches to accompany the textbook Portes ouvertes.Video
FrVHS0013MLRCPortes ouvertesHolt, Rinehart, 1998Video 5 - Series of communicative video sketches to accompany the textbook Portes ouvertes.Video
FrVHS0033MLRCLes 12 Travaux D'AstérixAction Film Ltée (Canada), 1992Cartoon of this Astérix story. In color, French, 81 minutes.Video
FrVHS0027MLRCA French City SpeaksBernard Petit, 1995Ethnographic video shot by Bernard Petit. English subtitles and English voice-over narration.Video
FrVHS0028MLRCA French City SpeaksTape II - Bernard Petit, 1995Ethnographic video shot by Bernard Petit. English subtitles and English voice-over narration.Video
FrDVD0064MLRCune hirondelle a fait le printemps (version d`instructeur), A swallow has done the spring (Instructor version)nord-ouest productions, 2002NTSC version for use by instructors only. Do NOT loan to students82-202DVD
FrDVD0063MLRCune hirondelle a fait le printemps (Copie de MLRC), A swallow has done the spring (MLRC Copy)nord-ouest productions, 2001PAL Region 2 version of film. For use in the MLRC only82-202DVD
FrVHS0024MLRCUn Zoo La Nuit, A Zoo At NightLes Productions Oz, Inc., 1987A film by Jean-Claude LAUZON. A criminal released from prison attempts to avoid his ex-partners (actually policeman) while finding his girlfriend and her father.Video
FrTDV0001MLRCAmié Césaire: Une parole pour le XXIème siècle, Aime Cesaire: A voice for the 21st centuryJMJ Productions, 2006Description to come. 1 text with 3 DVDs Text with DVD
FrDVD0004MLRCariane moffatt à la station cAudiogram, 20052 DVDs and one CD, Québecois; 126 minutes. In French.82-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0056MLRCentre les murs (Copie de MLRC), between the walls (aka the class) (MLRC Copy)Haut en Court, 2008PAL Region 2 copy of the film on 2 discs. Disc 1 is the film and Disc 2 contains the bonus features82-201DVD
FrDVD0003MLRCBrelUniversal Music, 20032.5 hours of 33 songs by Belgian singer Jacques Brel (from 1959-1977) with biographical information booklet. Subtitles in English. DVD 1 of 382-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0031MLRCBrel 2Universal, 20032.3 hours of 34 songs by Belgian singer Jacques Brel (from 1959-1977) with biographical information booklet. Subtitles in English. DVD 2 of 3 DVD
FrDVD0032MLRCBrel 3Universal, 2003~ 2.5 hours of 28 songs by Belgian singer Jacques Brel (from 1959-1977) with biographical information booklet. Subtitles in English. DVD 3 of 3DVD
FrDVD0049MLRCC.R.A.Z.Y.Productions Zac, Inc., 2005DVD
FrDVD0022MLRCCajun Country, Cajun CountryShanachie Entertainment Corp., 2003A video of some of the finest Cajun musicians. Color, 60 minutes, in English.DVD
FrDVD0027MLRCLes enfants du siècle, Children of the CenturyStudio Canal/Universal, 1999Description to comeDVD
FrDVD0016MLRCChocolat, ChocolateMetro Goldwyn Mayer, 1988Claire Denis' film about a French family during the final years of French colonialism in Africa, examines the nature of relationships in a racist society. In French, with English, Spanish, French subtitles. Color, 106 minutes. (PG-13)304 ongoingDVD
FrVHS0048MLRCClassroom VignettesTV-1Video
FrDVD0006MLRCClaude LéveilléeZone 3Concert DVD, songwriter from Québec82-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0048MLRCClifton Chenier The king of zydecoArhoolie Productions, 2003DVD
FrVHS0036MLRCConversations Entre Les Jeunes, Conversations with Young PeopleGessler Publishing Co, Inc., 1990Vignettes, conversations with young French people on different topics. 120 minutes, in color, French.Video
FrDVD0001MLRCCorneille LiveConcert DVD at La Cigale in Paris. Rwandan artist resident in Montreal. In French.82-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0007MLRCLes Cowboys Fringants au Centre Bell, Cowboys Fringants at the Bell CenterLa Tribu, 2004Concert video from December 2003 plus videoclips and interviews of this popular Quebec alt-country group. In French, 134 minutes.82-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0017MLRCLa Nuit Américaine, Day For NightLes Films du Carrosse, 1973A film by François Truffaut, about a director and the making of his film, the problems that occur. Won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1973. In French, English, German, and Spanish, with subtitles in multiple languages. Color, 112 minutes. Region 2 PAL DVD. Play in region free DVD player.DVD
FrDVD0044MLRCDédé: À travers les brumes, Dédé: Through the fogTVA Films, 2009The story of Dédé Fortin, lead singer of the Montreal band Les Colocs, who committed suicide by hari-kiri. Glimpses into the art/ music scene in the Plateau de Monteéal neighborhood and the unstable world of a band and its members.DVD
FrDVD0055MLRCL`esquive (version d`instructeur), Dodging (Instructor version)Noé Productions Int., 2004NTSC version for use by instructors only. Do NOT loan to students82-201DVD
FrDVD0054MLRCL`esquive (Copie de MLRC), Dodging (MLRC copy)Noé Productions Int., 2004PAL Region 2 version of film.82-201DVD
FrDVD0005MLRCEdith Piaf - A Passionate LifeKultur, 2003In English, 50 minutes. French-made documentary, footage of her life, film clips of Piaf performing.82-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0008MLRCFélix LeclercMagda Heritage Int`l, 20021950s Québecois singer. 14 songs, in black and white. In French.82-416 S06DVD
FrVHS0037MLRCLa Musique folklorique, Folkloric MusicGessler Publishing Co. Inc., 1990A video from the "Language and Lifestyles" collection. In French, color, 45 min.Video
FrVHS0004MLRCFrançoise Durocher Waitress, Françoise Durocher WaitressFrançoise is a fictional character based on 24 women who possess the traits of the 'typical' waitress, hostess, barmaid. Color, in French, 29 minutes.Video
FrDVD0011MLRCGilbert Becaud: Paris Olympia2004Concert audio (Paris, at the Olympia) of 40 songs written between 1954 and 1988. In French.82-416 S08DVD
FrVHS0051MLRCLes Bons Débarras, Good RiddanceVideo
FrDVD0046MLRCLa Haine, HatredCriterion Collection, 2007DVD
FrDVD0010MLRCHenri Salvador: Bon Soir AmisPersonal Collection of Chris Jones, 2004Concert video from Paris (Palais des congrès, 2004), with backstage footage, album recording footage, and music videos.82-416 S08DVD
FrDVD0028MLRCHorizons 3rd edition (obsolete), HorizonsThompson/Heinle, 2006Horizons Video on DVDDVD
FrMCD0001MLRCHorizons 3rd ed. Text Audio CD 1 of 2Thompson/Heinle, 2006CD 1 of 2 contains Chapters Prélim. through 5Audio CD
FrMCD0002MLRCObsolete, Horizons 3rd ed. Text Audio CD 2 of 2Thompson/Heinle, 2006CD 2 of 2 with chapters 6 - Ch. de Révision (11)Audio CD
FrDVD0036MLRCHorizons 4th Edition DVDHeinle, 2009DVD to accompany Horizons French Textbook 4th edition.DVD
FrWRK0001MLRCHorizons 4th Edition WorkbookWorkbook for Horizons textbook 4th editionWorkbook
FrDVD0067MLRCressources humaines (Copie d`instructeur), human resources (Instructor Copy)Haut en Court, 1999Region 1 version for use by instructors. Note this copy is in PAL and may not play properly on older televisions.82-202DVD
FrDVD0066MLRCressources humaines (Copie de MLRC), human resources (MLRC Copy)Haut en Court, 1999PAL Region 2 for use in the MLRC and in classrooms82-202DVD
FrVHS0031MLRCJ'ai Été Au Bal, I Went to the DanceBrazos Films, 1989Cajun and Zydeco music of Louisiana, historical sequences of musicians, stories of their lives, some performances. In Color, French and English, 84 minutes.Video
FrDVD0043MLRCJ`ai été au bal, I went to the danceBrazos Films, 2002Roots of Cajun and Zydeco musicDVD
FrDVD0009MLRCAu Coeur D`iam, In the Heart of IAMPersonal Collection of Chris Jones, 2004DVD/CD-ROM - 90 min. film, 45 minutes of music videos. Audio CD - 4 tracks. In French, out of Canada. Describes the creation of a CD by the French rap group IAM.82-416 S08DVD
FrDVD0040MLRCInch` Allah Dimanche, Inch` Allah DimancheFilm Movement, 2007DVD
FrVHS0001MLRCInterview avec la Professeure Adama SOW DIEYE, Interview with Professor Adama Sow DieyeCMU, 2000Taped at Carnegie Mellon in spring 2000, an interview between Dr. Sylvie Rockmore and Senegalese Professor Sow Dieye about her background, her teaching, her culture, her country. In French. Also available on-line through the MLRC main page.Video
FrDVD0013MLRCIsabelle Boulay: du temps pour toiProductions Sidéral, 2005Limited edition DVD and CD set. Concerts at the Olympia by Québecois artist. In French, 152 minutes.DVD
FrDVD0065MLRCJe vais bien Ne t`en fais pas. (version d`instructeur), I`m fine, do not worry. (Instructor copy)Sony Pictures, 2009NTSC version of the film for use by Instructors only. 82-201DVD
FrDVD0058MLRCJe vais bien Ne t`en fais pas. (Copie de MLRC), I`m fine, do not worry. (MLRC copy)Studio Canal, 2006PAL Region 2 copy for use by students in the MLRC.82-201DVD
FrVHS0035MLRCJ.A. Martin, Photographe, J.A. Martin, PhotographerOffice national du film du Canada, 1993Film by Jean Beaudin, story of a wife accompanying her photographer husband on his annual trip. Winner of 13 international prizes including the Palme d`or of Cannes. In French, 101 minutes.Video
FrVHS0056MLRCJacques PrevertVideo
FrDVD0047MLRCJeanne Cherhal à la cigale, Jeanne Cherhal with the cicadaTôt au tard - vf musiques, 2005PAL Region 2 (play on Multi-standard DVD players)DVD
FrDVD0019MLRCJésus de Montréal, Jesus of MontrealFilm Tonic/Christal Films, 1989A film by Canadian director Denys Arcand. The story involves a group of actors hired to present a passion play, but they choose to do so in an unconventional manner. Highly criticized at its release, this film won four prestigious awards. In French, color, 119 minutes.DVD
FrVHS0020MLRCKamouraska, KamouraskaFrance Film, 1973A film by Claude JUTRA. Elisabeth Rolland, married to a dying man, relives in her memory her first marriage, the man she convinced to kill him, her incarceration, and her current life. Set in Québec. in French, color, 210 minutes.Video
FrVHS0022MLRCLéolo, LéoloAlliance VivaFilm Video, 2000A film by Jean-Claude LAUZON. A young French-Canadian boy named Léolo tries to escape from his family, an interesting collection of personalities and psychologies. Color, in French, 115 minutes.Video
FrDVD0024MLRCQue la fête commence..., Let Joy Reign Supreme...Kino Video, 1974Description to come.DVD
FrVHS0006MLRCLettre de la Martinique, Letter from MartiniquePICS, 1988Documentary, narration by a Martiniquais boy of his letter to his French cousin follows the daily life on the island, includes a geography lesson about the island. In French, 17 minutes.Video
FrDVD0041MLRCLife on EarthLa Sept Arte, 1998DVD
FrDVD0021MLRCLouis, enfant roi, Louis, Child KingLes Films du Losange, 1993The story begins in 1648, about Louis XIV, 'The Sun King' (le Roi Soleil) and his education in all areas of court behavior. Color, in French, 2 hours 40 minutes. Region 2 PAL Play in region free DVD player82-303 ongoingDVD
FrVHS0058MLRCLove without pityEric Rochant, 1989Video
FrVHS0054MLRCMaelström, Maelstrom2000Directed by Denis Villeneuve. The story of a woman who struggling with her emotions, with commentary (somewhat unlikely) from the marine world. Video
FrDVD0038MLRCModerato Cantabile, Moderato CantabileStudio Canal, 1960French Language Region 2 DVD Plays only in media classrooms and MLRC Group DVD playersDVD
FrVHS0003MLRCMontréal, MontrealFilms for the Humanities and Sciences, Inc., 1991The characteristics and character of the original French population and how that character remained even after the defeat of the French by the English. Color, in French, 54 minutes.Video
FrDVD0012MLRCLes leçons de musique, Music LessonsLa Bohème films, 2004A variety of interesting encounters with the French rock star M (Mathieu Chédid), including demonstrations of how he records and how to play five of his songs. Video, 5 hours. In French.82-416 S06DVD
FrVHS0007MLRCMa journée en français, My Day in FrenchEspace Francophone, PICSSix 5-minute segments from Senegal, Lebanon, Martinique, Reunion Island, Corsica and Benin, a child's narration of a typical day in his or her country. In French, 30 minutes.Video
FrDVD0034MLRCMon Oncle Antoine, My Uncle AntoineJanus Films, 1971DVD
FrDVD0033MLRCNTM LiveLickshot Entertainment, 2000Concert DVD from 1998 of the seminal French rap group NTMDVD
FrVHS0018MLRCOctobre, OctoberTéléfilm, Canada, 1994A film by Pierre Falardeau. In October 1970, a militants of the Front de Libération du Québec kidnapped a government minisster who was later found dead. This film explores, hour by hour, what might have happened. In French, 97 minutes.Video
FrDVD0018MLRCLes Muses Orphelines, Orphan MusesFilm Tonic/Christal Films, 2000A film by Québecois director Robert Favreau, the story of children abandoned by their mother after the death of their father, 20 years earlier. Also contains interviews with actors, production people. In French, color, 107 minutes.DVD
FrDVD0023MLRCOutremer Les enfants du désarroi, Overseas children of the distressTDR, 2005Description to come. PAL Region 2 DVD Play with region free DVD player. DVD
FrDVD0029MLRCParis, Je t`aime, Paris I love youVictoires International, 2006Stories of Love from the City of LoveDVD
FrDVD0037MLRCUn chant d`amour, Portrait Jean GenetEPM Musique, 20062 sided DVD as part of a collection with 2 CDs and a book.DVD
FrMCD0003MLRCUn chant d`amour, Portrait Jean GenetEPM Musique, 20062 CDs as part of a collection with a two-sided DVD and book. Audio CD
FrTEX0001MLRCUn chant d`amour, Portrait Jean GenetEPM Musique, 2006Book to accompany collection with 2 CDs and a two-sided DVDTextbook
FrVHS0030MLRCLes publicités du Québec, Quebec TV AdvertisingVideo
FrDVD0039MLRCRachidaThe Global Film Initiative, 2002In Arabic and FrenchDVD
FrDVD0069MLRCQu`est-ce qu`on a fait au bon dieu?, Serial (Bad) WeddingsAZ Films, 2014DVD
FrVHS0008MLRCSétif: Paroles et Silences, Sétif: Words and SilencePICS, 1995Interviews with varying inhabitants of the city of Sétif, concerning feelings about current Algeria, the future of democratic vs Islamic rule. Interviews in French or voiced over in French, subtitled when sound is unclear. 25 minutes.Video
FrVHS0016MLRCLe Coeur au Poing, Streetheart or SweetheartCompagnie France Film, Montréal, 1998Film by Charles BINAME. A young woman (Pascale Montpetit) craving emotional connection puts herself at the disposal of strangers for 60-minute interludes. Canadian, 101 minutes, in French.Video
FrVHS0055MLRCRue Case-Nègres, Sugar Cane AlleySumafa Productions, 1985107 minutes. Euzhan Palcy's classic story of young Jose's fight to escape the poverty of the sugar cane fields through education.304 ongoingVideo
FrDVD0020MLRCL`Ange de goudron, Tar AngelMax Films, 2001A film by Canadian director, Denis Chouinard, the story of an immigrant family about to earn Canadian citizenship after three years, but risk deportation due to the illegal activities of the eldest son. In French with English and French subtitles. Color, 100 minutes.DVD
FrDVD0062MLRCLe Goût Des Autres (version d`instructeur), Taste Of the Others (Instructor version)Pathe Video, 2000NTSC version for use by instructors only. Do NOT loan to students82-202DVD
FrDVD0061MLRCLe Goût Des Autres (Copie de MLRC), Taste Of the Others (MLRC copy)Pathe Video, 2000PAL Region 2 copy for use by students in the MLRC.82-202DVD
FrVHS0017MLRCLe Polygraphe, The PolygraphTéléfilm, Canada, 1996A film by Québécois Robert Lepage. A young man is accused of killing a young woman, and he doesn't know if he did it. In French, 91 minutes.Video
FrDVD0050MLRCthe Barbarian InvasionsBuena Vista Home Entertainment, 2003DVD
FrVHS0052MLRCThe Battle of AlgiersFrench with English subtitles. Describes the struggle in the Algerian capital of Algiers during the end of French colonial domination.304 ongoingVideo
FrDVD0014MLRCLe Gone du Chaâba, The Boy of the ChaâbaVertigo Producion, 1997Film which won the Grand Prix of the Festival de Cannes Junior in 1997. Story of Omar, a boy of Arab descent living on the outskirts of Lyon, in deplorable conditions (the 'chaâba'). Autobiography of the author of the book, Azouz Begag. In French, color, 105 minutes.82-303, ongoingDVD
FrVHS0021MLRCLes Boys, The BoysFilms Lions Gate, 1997Comedy, a film about adult men from all walks of life who come together as an amateur hockey team. Color, 110 minutes, in French.Video
FrVHS0026MLRCLes Brûlés, The BurnedNational Film Board of Canada, 1958A depression-era story directed by Bernard Devlin, starring among others Félix Leclerc, about the Promised Land of Abitibi, where virgin land and gold tempt villagers from all over Quebec.Video
FrDVD0057MLRCthe class (aka entre les murs) (Instructor copy), the class (aka entre les murs) (Instructor copy)Sony Pictures, 2009NTSC version of the film for use by Instructors only. 82-201DVD
FrDVD0030MLRCLa vie en rose, The extraordinary life of Édith PiafHome Box Office, 2007Extended versionLa Chanson francophones ongoingDVD
FrDVD0045MLRCLa FLORIDA, The FLORIDALes films vision 4, 1993DVD
FrVHS0005MLRCLa Vie heureuse de Léopold Z, The Happy Life of Leopold ZOffice national du film du Canada, 1965Comedy based in Québec about the problems of Léo, a happy man, during Christmas Eve day. Black/white, in French, 68 minutes.Video
FrDVD0068MLRCThe IntouchablesSplendido, 20112 copies of this DVD labeled A and B82-202 S15DVD
FrDVD0025MLRCThe Lady & The DukePathe/Fox, 2001DVD
FrVHS0019MLRCLe Petit Prince, The Little PrinceFilms for the Humanities and Sciences, 1995A film on the life and spiritual searches of Saint-Exupéry interwoven with dramatic readings from the book. In French, black and white, 33 minutes.Video
FrMCD0004MLRCLe Ravissement De Lol V. Stein, The Rapture De Lol V SteinFrémeaux & Associés, 20014 Audio CDs in 2 cases with a 16 page booklet. CDs 1 - 2 in case a and 3 - 4 in case bAudio CD
FrDVD0026MLRCLe Rouge et le Noir, The Red and BlackAlya Productions, 1997Description to come. Zone 2 PALDVD
FrDVD0070MLRCLa RAFLE., The Roundup. Légende Films, 2010DVD
FrVHS0002MLRCLe Saint-Laurent, The Saint Lawrence RiverFilms for the Humanities and Sciences, Inc., 1991The history of New France (Québec). Color, in French, 59 minutes.Video
FrDVD0051MLRCLe Silence de la Mer, The Silence of the Seapdentertainment, 2009DVD
FrDVD0060MLRCle petit lieutenant (version d`instructeur), the small lieutenant (Instructor version)Why Not productions, 2005NTSC version for use by instructors only. Do NOT loan to students82-202DVD
FrDVD0059MLRCle petit lieutenant (Copie de MLRC), the small lieutenant (MLRC copy)Why Not productions, 2005PAL Region 2 version of film. For use in the MLRC only82-202DVD
FrDVD0053MLRCl`augerge espagnole (version d`instructeur), The Spanish Apartment (Instructor version)Cristal Films, 2002NTSC Version of film on 2 discs. Disc 1 is film, Disc 2 is bonus features82-201DVD
FrDVD0052MLRCl`augerge espagnole (Copie de MLRC), The Spanish Apartment (MLRC Copy)Studio Canal, 2002PAL Region 2 DVD for use in the MLRC by students. Do NOT remove from MLRC82-201DVD
FrDVD0071MLRCLa Squale, The SqualeCine Nomine, 2001DVD
FrVHS0023MLRCLe Voleur vit en Enfer, The Thief Lives in HellCoop Vidéo de Montréal (limited copies made), 1984A man moves into a new neighborhood and begins to film his neighbors, interested in their lives but not understanding them. The directors move the viewers from the real to the imagined. Color, 20 minutes, in French.Video
FrDVD0035MLRCLa Chambre Verte, The Vanishing FiancéeMGM/FOX, 1978PAL Region 2 DVD
FrDVD0015MLRCLe Mur, The WallLa Sept ARTE, 1998Set in Brussels, this film is an allegory of the divide in Brussels between the Flemish and the Francophones. In French and English, with English subtitles. Color, 67 minutes.82-304 ongoingDVD
FrVHS0057MLRCThe Wild ChildFrancois Truffault, 1970Video
FrDVD0002MLRCThe world of Youssou N`DourSonic Edge, 200180 minutes, color. The Senegalese 'father' of mbalax (a jumping, intoxicating blend of African, Caribbean and pop rhythms), the DVD discusses the man, the music and the culture that helped create the performer. In French.82-416 S06DVD
FrDVD0042MLRCViva LaldjérieFilm Movement, 2004DVD